Multi-Unit inspections are very important in ensuring both property maintenance as well as the tenants’ safety in their spaces.

We’re experienced in making sure we assess every perimeter and section of the property. A multi-unit inspection will help in the following areas:

• The opportunity to be well-informed on specific issues of each unit
• Peace of mind in knowing that the property is in sound condition, limiting liabilities
• Learn about potential maintenance and upkeep needs
• Continual support with Wright Choice to answer questions regarding the inspection report

Federal and municipal laws have for a long time encourage and legislated fire and safety maintenance inspection laws, every three years on average. This helps to minimize any hazards that may be present unbeknownst to owners or tenants.  A greater responsibility is placed on one who owns and rents multi residential property that one who owns and resides in a single family residence. Wright Choice exceeds the needs of those who are buying, selling or maintaining a multi-unit property.